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Electric Floor Heating 1 2 3 4 5m² Twin Premium Quality Brand Foxymat

Electric Floor Heating 1 2 3 4 5m² Twin Premium Quality Brand Foxymat

Electric Floor Heating 1 2 3 4 5m² Twin Premium Quality Brand Foxymat    Electric Floor Heating 1 2 3 4 5m² Twin Premium Quality Brand Foxymat
Electric floor heating 1 2 3 4 5m² twin quality premium brand foxymat ®. This product page has been automatically translated. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

160 watt / m² - we all have twin - control to choose from. The foxymat is a very flat electric, heating (thin bed heating) ground, is characterized by low installation height, easy installation and fast heating - ideal also for renovation! The heating screen with soft and coarse carbon fiber as the carrier and the twin cable with one-sided heating connection is particularly easy to plan, easy to install and connect. Your benefits at a glance.

90 watts per sqm - for floor temperature control. 160 watts per m² - like a full value heater.

200 watts per sqm - for rapid warming eg bathing, natural stone .. twin - technology - (only a cable). Only if boring back carrying a second cable for the electrical connection is removed. Perfect layout - the heating cables do not extend above the aircraft carrier. So no more treatment, no fitz, no custody.

Complete and integral set-ready for immediate installation. Quality of the German brand - at really fair prices. 100% tested - in accordance with international safety standards! 15-year manufacturer's warranty - Warranty terms can be found here.

General information about the product. Dünnbettheizmatten was designed to be installed near the surface directly under the floor. The heating mat consists of a flexible and reticular carbon fiber as carrier, the twin cable with one-sided heating connection resides. The heating can therefore be easily plan, easy lay and connect. Here, the coarse support grid ensures an optimal connection between the subway and the coating materials according to the planned external stratified layer, carpet, tiles ... Thus, the heating mat is fully integrated into the soil structure and provides the better protection against the formation of cracks in the soil. Because of the small thickness of this system (about 3 mm) is necessary the dismantling of the old floor in very rare cases.

Used as totally or temperierheizung the system provides optimal comfort and comfortable radiant heat fast at the same time about 5 - 20% less energy consumption - which protects the environment and your wallet. The product is designed to be installed under various floor coverings. For installation in adhesive tile or self-leveling screeds, as far as floor covering for underfloor heating are appropriate.

Also for the laminate, the heating must be completely embedded in a medium adhesive tiles, screeds ö. The carpets are suitable for new buildings and especially for renovations in old buildings. The temperature in the floor and space are controlled by a thermostat comfort, to ensure a high degree of comfort, economy and safety. Depending on the temperature first reaches the programmed value (room or floor), the heating mat turned on or off.

Technical data - foxymat sl. Twin technology: only one cable needed! Power: 90/160/200 watts per m² (see above). Overall Performance: Performance area gives total power.

Heating cable spacing: about 75 mm. Protection class: ipx7 (can be installed in the walk-in shower). Support grid: non-woven carbon fiber reinforced with fiberglass.

Here is a verlegebeispiel (installed with a single carpet). Below you will find an installation instructions. Please click on the corresponding box to view .. Benefits / Applications Electric Underfloor Heating. Simple / fast laying on almost all substrates when they are precisely designed.

Fast cooling (in the morning in the bathroom). Fully automatic with adjustable thermostat. Extremely thin heating mats for low installation height, depending on the floor covering.

Hot feet - cold head. Comfortable living environment with better temperature profiles in the space. 5 - 20% saving energy floor heating. Moreover, the thermal radiation is also infra-red radiation. You do not have to advertise infrared heaters as well.

All radiators are also infra-red heaters! Offices, wall heating, heating system. With low floor construction heights. Winter garden (temperature control & frost protection). To keep the apiaries of the honey liquid.

Additional thermal insulation under the heater. In order to provide thermal insulation at the base, we offer an exclusive thermoisolationsmaterial.

It can be rolled, sprayed or spread on the floor angry, before the device is installed. This 0.5 - 1mm thin layer ensures optimal floor insulation because it reflects heat based on the latest nano technologies. Allows rapid heating of speech, heating times and thus achieve a high energy saving.

High floor constructions with styrofoam or similar disolants are as well, saving time and money. This product is exclusively available only from us. Reflective effect (a mirror thickness does not reflect better than a thin).

Adhesion to substrates: 0.8 mpa. Layer thickness: between 0.5 - 1 mm. Primed with very absorbent substrates previously. 40 to 150 degrees Celsius ambient temperature, no change in the predefined characteristics.

Included in delivery / frequently asked questions. Underfloor heating in the selected premium / size and offer performance. About 10 m² several carpets are delivered (up to 20 m² - 2 rooms, up to 30 m² - 3 rooms).

These are then connected in parallel to the control device. For sizes over 20 m 2, a contactor is required (not included). Conduit for the floor sensor (corrugated tube) - smooth tubes are not suitable because plaster or gypsum has no support (collapse / bursts). Hollow wall box / model, if a thermostat is provided.

Elected / thermostat offered (always with soil sensor, renewable indefinitely). Thermal insulation, if elected or offered. Adhesive / patching are not included. Here are the most frequently asked answers.

The width is the carpet? Is the set complete or do I need additional accessories?

Yes - the set includes all the parts you need to build it except for building materials, such as tile adhesives, etc. For which the top materials, are the appropriate heating mats? Heating mats are suitable for a wide range of flooring materials, such as laminate, marble, tile, stone, carpet, etc. Finally the relevance arises however by the specifications of the manufacturer of the material.

Our system ensures that these conditions can be met. The heating cable can be shortened?

No - the twin cable should not be shortened. Cut out the grill holder? Yes - for example, a smaller than 50 cm wide area to cover or around a corner to put the heating device (see the verlegebeispiel above). He must make sure that the heating cables are not damaged, not twisted and not crossed. Can I cut the cord (cold cable)?

Yes - however, the wire should be at least 50 cm long. Is the heating to dry the pose?

No - the heater must be completely embedded in a medium (tile adhesive, patching or whatever). You can also find here the technical data of all thermostats. Combination thermostat - room and floor controller in a capacity switching - 3600 watts (16A) several programs per day (additional weekend adjustable) automatic or manual control party function (short-hand control) limitation of the maximum temperature of the ground the Measurement accuracy 0.5 degree battery backup fits into the box 68mm flush standard control - digital.

More details can be found here. 6 programs per day (for 5/2 6/1 or 7 days) the floor sensor measurement range from 0 to 90 degrees room sensor range from 5 to 35 degrees super easy operation using language symbols 4 screen tft in color (touch screen) bezel in glossy or brushed aluminum color - white dimensions: 130 x 87 mm / wx h. Several programs per day (for 5/2 6/1 or 7 days) floor measurement sensor between 0 and +60 degrees room sensor range from 5 to 35 degrees LCD touch screen - black background, color full color publication - brilliant black or white 96 mm x 86 mm / wxh climax - integrated hygrometer. 4 programs per day floor sensor measurement range 0 to 90 degrees measuring range 5-65 degrees space sensor LCD display blue / white background color - white dimensions: 86 x 86 mm / w x h. 6 programs per day floor sensor measurement range from 0 to 90 degrees measuring range 5-65 degrees space sensor control - digital display lcd lighting - white color - bright white dimensions: 86 x 86 mm / wx h .

Room controller or floor in a no program / control by button sensor floor measurement between 0 and +60 degrees room sensor range from 5 to 35 degrees led - green ready / red heating / yellow errors color - bright white dimensions: 86 x 86 mm / wx h. The floor sensor measuring range 5 to 40 degrees room sensor range from 5 to 40 degrees fits to the recess box 55 mm - change program determination of power consumption (2/30/365 days) LCD (light blue ) color - bright white dim. 82 x 82 mm / wx h.

The floor sensor measuring range 5 to 40 degrees room sensor range from 5 to 40 degrees 48 options per day (for every 7 days) switching time measurement and statistics LCD (light blue) color shine - white sun Frst-w / b / bw. 6 or 4 programs a day. Range from 0 to +65 degrees floor sensor. Measuring range 5-65 degrees space sensor. LCD display - blue (soft touch buttons).

Dimensions: 86 x 86 mm / w x h. Electric underfloor heating installation instructions. Alternatively, you can find the complete instructions here.

Unpack the heating mat and all parts to be ordered and check their integrity. Measure the cold cable resistance values ​​of the carpet now and compare them with the values ​​in the table of installation instructions. Values ​​are in order, enter the warranty card. Remove loose parts and dirt from the ground and primed it.

Old ceramic floors or old flooring must be sanded and painted with a coat of primer (tile). Determine where the thermostat should be mounted. This should then be located at a height of 1.50 m. Install a flush-mounted box and place the power supply. Cut the thermostat wall to the vertical floor and about 50 cm from the ground level.

The depth is about 2 cm. Later, the channel exchanges with the floor probe and the cold wire of the heating frame is placed in this slot. Now install the heating mat. Ideally start at the slot for driving.

Roll the carpet piece by piece. At the end of the wall or obstacles you cut the fabric, fold down the mat and parallel back. After the unit is fully grounded, install the conduit with the floor sensor into the slot provided. The duct must be placed with soil probe between the 2 heating cables.

Seal the end of a piece of tape. Now check if the complete heating mat is lying flat on the floor. Difficult any exceptional margin with strong tape.

Measure the resistance of the heating weft once more and consult them with the values ​​in the table of installation instructions. Enter the appropriate values ​​in the warranty card. If the measurements are in the tolerance zone, you can start integrating heating into ausgleichmasse flex or flex tile adhesive. It should be noted that the heating cable is fully wrapped. Use the only material that is suitable for underfloor heating.

Always note from the respective manufacturer. After curing the filler can be started with the tiles.

You can use any other coating if it is suitable for underfloor heating. You can incorporate the heating pad directly on the glue of the tiles.

Here, it's especially about the care of the craftsman. This method is recommended only for smaller areas. After the coating is completely moved and dried, the resistance of the heating screen is measured once again and entered in the warranty card.

Now can be the connected thermostat and your new heating system running. Double sl with blue square. Twin 11 to 20 m². Twin sl up to 30 m².

All the radiators in the shop. In large areas, several trellises are connected in parallel to the controller. The available payment options are as follows. Payments are sent until 13:00 the same day.

No delivery to parcel stations! Complete installation instructions can be found here.

Top articles over 6400 copies sold. Quality double premium brand foxymat sl. Top articles over 3300 copies sold.

Top articles over 650 copies sold. Quality double premium brand foxymat fast. Top articles with thermal insulation. Premium insulation increase heating efficiency.

Especially recommended for baths, where heating is used more often than in the morning and evening. Dual quality premium heating cables of different lengths and power levels for different applications. VAT will be shown separately on our invoices. Foxyshop24 foxymat foxycable foxyreg ® are registered trademarks and therefore protected by copyright!

Some controls have backup batteries can be located. It is found that batteries should not usually be thrown away with garbage no matter what label they have.

You will receive and return to the public collection or contact us (see address below). The obligation is valid only if the batteries have been acquired as part of one of our products. More offers from our range. Brand premium foxymat® twin + electric underfloor heating thermostat. More than 3,200 times.

Electric underfloor heating brand premium foxymat® twin + thermostat aeg ftd 720. Brand foxymat® sl 200 fast premium m ² - electric underfloor heating. Foxyshop24 - gabriel arlt (2010 2018).

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  1. type of product: underfloor heating
  2. specifically areas of application: animal housing, garage, terrace, greenhouse
  3. protection class: ipx7 (also under usable shower)
  4. brand: foxyshop24
  5. technology: twin
  6. product name: premium foxymat.Sl
  7. width: 50 cm
  8. unit of measure: m²
  9. areas of application: bath, kitchen, living rooms, winter garden
  10. elektrosmog: without magnetic field
  11. finish: integrated (tile adhesive, counterweight etc.


  12. fabric: carbon fiber
  13. gender: twin carpets
  14. flooring: tile, laminate, carpet etc.
  15. type: thin bed heating pad
  16. country / region of manufacture: germany
  17. exploitation form: electric
  18. Manufacturer Part Number: fsfm2400004

Electric Floor Heating 1 2 3 4 5m² Twin Premium Quality Brand Foxymat    Electric Floor Heating 1 2 3 4 5m² Twin Premium Quality Brand Foxymat